Greek company to open a confectionery plant in Trgovište

In the village of Stajevac, near Trgovište, the final works on a confectionary factory called Top Biscuit are being carried out. The factory is expected to open on September 15th.

In the initial stage, the production plant will employ 50 workers, and the plan is to double the number in the next few years.

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The investor is a Greek company which has already opened a similar factory in the town of Pernik, Bulgaria, where the workers from Serbia will receive their training – the Infovranjske website reports.

“The factory will produce about two tonnes of fine, quality sweets a day, according to Italian and Greek recipes,” says Nenad Krstic, mayor of Trgoviste.

90% of the raw materials used in the production will be locally sourced – milk, butter, sugar, flour, and eggs, which will come from a poultry farm in Novo Selo. The remaining 10% of the components are various types of condiments for sweets that will be imported from Italy.

Interestingly, in addition to the opening of the factory, a small pig farm will be opened in Trgovište, which re-use 100 kilogrammes of various types of waste from the confectionery factory a day.

As previously announced, the total investment in this plant will be about 2 million euro; the Serbian government will provide 50% of the funds and the other 50% will come from the local government which had already purchased and renovated the former carpet factory Simpo for these purposes.

(eKapija, 06.08.2019)

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