Greek company Autostop lays off 70 workers from its Serbian plant as surplus

The Greek factory Autostop in Leskovac has declared about 70 workers redundant due to the reduced volume of work, as the automotive industry is in crisis as a result of the pandemic, the factory director Igor Rajković told the Beta news agency today.

“Unfortunately, we were forced to do so, but about sixty workers have accepted a job in the Leskovac-based Leskobegs Company,” Rajković said. Until recently, Autostop was the biggest shareholder in Leskobags.

Asked whether there will still be redundancies at Autostop, which produces textile parts for car interiors, Rajković said he hoped not. He did not wish to comment on the announcement from June this year that the company would build another facility in the northern industrial zone of Leskovac, opposite the existing one.

Autostop has been operating in Leskovac since 2013; at first it employed around 50 workers, and as stated on the Leskovac authorities’ website, it now employs around 900 workers. So far, the employees have never complained about the working conditions. The company also has production plants in Greece, Ireland and the UK.

(eKapija, 25.11.2021)


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