Greece to open its ‘doors’ to Serbian citizens in spring?

Serbian citizens will most likely not be able to enter Greece before spring, due to the situation with vaccination against COVID there.

“The issue will probably be resolved a little later, in the spring, as the vaccination in Greece progresses more slowly,” said a source in diplomatic circles who is familiar with the situation.

As explained, in terms of vaccination against the virus, Greece is somewhat behind Serbia. For now, only the Pfizer vaccine has arrived in that country and the whole process of applying for vaccination and vaccination itself is slower.

“When most people get vaccinated there, they will open the borders for other countries, not just Serbia. When the vaccination system becomes functional, everything will go back to usual,” the source underlined, adding that even before, when the Greek border was closed to the U.S. and UK citizens, it was open to Serbian citizens.

As the source says, hotel and other accommodation owners in Greece, and especially in the north of the country, are well aware of how much they have lost due to the absence of Serbian tourists, so it is in their best interest for the border to open as soon as possible.

Despite information from some national media that the borders with Greece could be opened as early as February 1, the source still believes that it will probably only be in the spring, when the Greeks will be sure that only vaccinated people will cross the border.

The main reason is that this will reduce the risk of the Greek health system being more burdened in case the tourists, who do not have health insurance, get sick with coronavirus.

(Srbija Danas, 20.01.2021)


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