Greece suspends all anti-COVID measures

According to the Greek website Enimerotiko, all unvaccinated people will be able to enter Greece freely without having to be tested for the coronavirus, and the measure will be introduced again in September. From Delphi, where the 7th Economic Forum is taking place, Greek Health Minister Thanos Plevris announced that the lifting of the measures will apply from May until the end of the summer.

Unvaccinated people will therefore not need to show negative tests if they want to enter bars, cafes, restaurants and nightclubs. According to the Health Minister, the reinstatement of the measures will take place in four months’ time. He said that Greece “is not ignoring the pandemic, but we are entering a new regularity by lifting the restrictions, although we will be ready for the autumn and another vaccination rollout”.

This summer there will be no restrictions or tourists could test for the coronavirus only if they wanted to. 

(Blic, 11.04.2022)


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