Greece lowers accommodation prices in June

“Following the information that Greece will open its borders on June 15, the interest of Serbian tourists has increased unexpectedly, and the Greeks have reduced accommodation prices by 10-15% for the month of June,” said Ana Nikolić, who works in a travel agency.

The owners of the accommodation have not yet shown their willingness to give more discounts because they are waiting to see what the demand will be like.

“However, they have already reduced prices from 10 to 15% even before June and some accommodation owners are giving an extra day of stay for free,” she said, adding that measures to prevent the coronavirus contagion will affect owners of accommodation and catering facilities.

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Tourists will be able to enter Greece without having to provide a negative coronavirus test and be held in compulsory quarantine, and the authorities have announced that they will ensure quarantine in hotels for all those who may become infected during their stay.

“If the number of infected people in North Macedonia decreases by the weekend, the border will open by June 15,” Ana Nikolic continues, adding that there could be a problem for tourists going to the Ionian coast because they would have to cross Bulgaria.

She concludes that there will be no limitations whatsoever for tourists travelling in private cars.

(Kurir, 04.06.2020)

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