Great Serbian scientists Tesla, Milankovic and Pupin marginalized in Serbian school curriculum

The biggest names in Serbian science, Nikola Tesla, Mihajlo Pupin and Milutin Milanković are taught in just one class in elementary and high schools, while, on the other hand, their famous works, especially Pupin’s, are widely taught to schoolchildren in the USA, Germany, France and Japan.

The president of the Belgrade Grammar School Forum and historian Aleksandar Markov says that it all boils down to the enthusiasm of individual teachers to talk and teach about these three great scientists.

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“The Serbian education system did not dedicate one full class to these scientists. They are mentioned in the history curriculum in the third and fourth grade of high school,” he says and adds that history textbooks talk more about soldiers, officers and military successes than the scientific achievements of our great scientists.

The curriculum does not envisage teaching about the personalities and works of eitherTesla, Pupin or Milankovic, both in physics and in other subjects.

“Everything is still down to the professor’s personal enthusiasm and how much will they have to teach about these scientists, but also the time they can dedicate, aside from the usual curriculum, to them. If the professor does not follow the curriculum and if school inspection notices that, such professor will be sanctioned,” Markov explained.

When it comes to elementary schools, the third-grade pupils study Nikola Tesla’s text “The Cat”, and in the fourth grade, they are shown just few passages from Milutin Milankovic’s “Through the Universe and the Centuries”, as well as some sections of Mihajlo Pupin’s autobiography “From Pasture to the Scientist”. The latter will be made mandatory reading for the seventh-grade pupils as of next year.

What and how much will be included in the education system and the curriculum is determined by the Institute for the Advancement of Education (EDL), where they believe that this is not yet a topic that needs to be singled out.

(RTV, 07.01.2020)

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