Grammer from Aleksinac is the new Geox?

There have been new redundancies in another factory in southern Serbia that has been using state subsidies. Last week, 90 of the 1,500 workers at the Austrian company Grammer, which sews car seats, were informed by a text message that they had been put on the redundancy list and should not report to work the next day.

Grammer, which has been operating in Aleksinac for more than 10 years, has not confirmed rumours that another 500 workers will be made redundant in 2022. However, the mayor of Aleksinac, Dalibor Raicevic, says that he has received assurances from the factory management that there will be no new redundancies.

The youngest redundant worker is 26 years old and the oldest 62. They still do not know whether they will receive severance pay, or what their rights are. They are afraid to talk about it publicly, because they are going to look for a job at Magnum, a company that makes similar products and can take about 30 workers that have been made redundant from Grammer.

In Aleksinac there is growing unease that Grammer’s workers will share the same destiny as Geox’s, and the fear is understandable because this factory employs a large number of workers, with an average salary of around 400 euros. “The company management has confirmed that they have been forced to lay off 90 workers because the market is in bad shape, but they hope that the situation will soon stabilise and that the workers will return to their jobs,” Radičević adds.

(Vecernje Novosti, 16.08.2021)


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