Građanski Preokret: “Introducing a 24-hour curfew is a social threat”

The non-governmental organisation Građanski Preokret has urged the Serbian Government and the Prime Minister Ana Brnabic not to accept Aleksandar Vucic’s proposal to impose a 24-hour curfew because of the coronavirus pandemic, arguing that such unreasonable, unnecessary and excessive measures could pose a serious threat.

“This measure would jeopardize the vital interests of the population and would, therefore, be incompatible with its proclaimed objective, namely taking care of the population’s health,” the organization pointed out in an open letter, urging the government and the Prime Minister to reject the proposal.

The letter also states that a wrong decision could lead to chaos first in the society and then in the streets, thus exacerbating the coronavirus contagion. The letter warns that the consequences could also affect the mental health of the whole population.

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“A general and consistent ban on large gatherings of people is sufficient, and no general ban on individual movement is necessary. Don’t act as the Big Brother by treating citizens as residents who are given assignments, prizes and sanctions. Life is not a reality show”, the NGO’s letter further states.

The letter points out that the demographic structure of Serbia shows a huge number of people who would be significantly disadvantaged by the general travel ban and would then forced to go on welfare. Serbia does not have the necessary logistics in public services and a sufficient number of officials to support such a thing.

Građanski Preokret warns that a complete curfew would have a negative impact on the mental health of the population, would affect eating disorders and the treatment of many diseases and that life cannot be reduced simply to meeting basic needs, that is food, water and medicine.

(Danas, 31.03.2020)


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