Government’s response to EU’s warnings about affairs in Serbia

The state has dealt the ‘Jovanjica affair’ by arresting those responsible, said Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, conveying a message to European officials that “they (cannot gain political profit using lies even if they come from the European Parliament.”

Commenting on the European Parliament’s report on Serbia by MEP Vladimir Bilcik, which among other things noted that Serbia has to solve the affairs including the Jovanjica drug case, Vucic said that there is no affair.

“What is an affair in Jovanjica? You think you can gain political profit using lies even if you come from European Parliament,” said Vucic, adding that such news is the same as that about “someone killing their own child.”

Asked about the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue and statements by Self-determination party leader Albin Kurti who said he would speak to the Serbs in Kosovo, the President of Serbia responded “everyone is doing their job” but that the Serbs in Kosovo win 95 and not two per cent of votes.

The report was drafted by EP rapporteur for Serbia, Vladimir Bilcik, MEP, with other MEPs filing a large number of amendments, some of which have been adopted.

“Serbia is called to achieve convincing results … in the fight against corruption and organized crime, especially on cases which draw great public interest, including the Krusik, Jovanjica and Telekom Serbia cases,” one of the amendments says and recalls the case of the illegal levelling of buildings in the Savamala neighbourhood.

The report also calls the Serbian authorities to disband large criminal groups who have spread outside the borders of Serbia. One of the amendments expresses concern over the growing violence by extremist groups and organized crime and calls the authorities to investigate the cases reported by investigative journalists and hold accountable the public officials responsible.

It condemned the public attacks and hate speech in the Serbian Parliament against Tanja Fajon, MEP, and political opponents, independent media and journalists as violations of democratic practices and basic democratic values.

(N1, 22.02.2021)





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