Government’s crisis unit criticized for being unreliable

The members of the Crisis Unit have demonstrated once again that they are unreliable because in a few hours they advocated two diametrically opposed points of view on the extent of the coronavirus contagion.

The epidemiologist Predrag Kon had told the day before yesterday to RTS that the slowdown of the coronavirus had been noted thanks to the new measures, especially in Belgrade, and underlined that it the contagion curve would be completely flattened in a matter of days. However, another member, immunologist Srđa Janković, later said that the epidemic “has not slowed down but even flared up”.

At crucial moments when the coronavirus epidemic shows no sign of stopping, Serbian citizens should have an institution they can trust and rely on. However, the different points of view of Crisis Unit members, the publication of false information about the number of people infected and dead, the announcement of an emergency session two days in advance and then the decision on urgent measures that come into force four days later are just some of the reasons why people wonder what is the purpose of having the Crisis Unit.

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In addition, there are always many illogicalities in decrees on anti-covid measures, which Crisis Unit members fail to explain in more detail. So, for example, if you go to a petrol station after 21:00, you can refuel your car but not buy a bottle of water even when you are already at the counter to pay for the fuel and in theory, you have the same chance of being infected even if you don’t buy anything else.

Similar thing relates to the decision to limit the number of people that can gather both indoors and outdoors to a maximum of five. As the Crisis Unit member and now the newly appointed minister, Darija Kisić Tepavčević explained, the ban on gatherings refers to events and not schools, workplaces, urban transport or even catering facilities.

“The limit of a maximum of five people practically means a ban on rallies and public events, which means different types of events such as congresses, seminars… It does not apply to the work or school environment. In such environments, people can gather in numbers more than five, but only if each person has at least four square metres for themselves which means that the distance between people must be at least two metres”, Kisić explained at the time, which, in translation means, that you can have more than five people at, let’s say, a seminar, but not a at a night club.

The last in a series of mishaps involved Belgrade Mayor, Zoran Radojčić who refuted claims made by the Health Minister, Zlatibor Lončar who said, three days ago, that in line with the new measures, the city buses can be full only up to 50% of the passenger capacity and if they exceed this, they will take more passengers and stop at the next bus stop. The Mayor denied that that was the case.  

And so, despite all the measures, we have arrived at 7,000 infected and almost 40 dead a day. Hospital capacities are filling up and in some of them, there are almost no free beds. There are more and more infected doctors, the number of patients on ventilators is increasing every day, and the Crisis Unit continues making controversial decisions.

(Nova, 24.11.2020)

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