Government working on digitalization regulation

State Secretary in the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Tatjana Matic announced that four bylaws covering the implementation of the Electronic Document Act, electronic identification and trust services in electronic commerce will be drafted by the end of the first half this year.

“We will not wait for the legal deadline, which is 18 months, but we will rather try to implement the law as soon as possible, because it is the best indicator of the willingness of our country to adopt the values ​​that are crucial in modern business and communication, and necessary for successful digitalization of the economy and state administration in accordance with the priorities of the Serbian government “, Matic underlined.

At the official presentation of the Law on Electronic Document, Electronic Identification and Trust Services in Electronic Commerce at the American Chamber of Commerce in Belgrade, Matic said that businesses gave a huge contribution to the content of the new regulation.

Matic also said that the implementation of this law would ensure a more frequent use of electronic documents, and less paperwork in business and communication.

The law will also enable the development of trust services – i.e. guaranteeing the credibility of data in electronic transactions, introducing trusted signatures in electronic media and qualified electronic storage.

(B92, 17.01.2018)

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