Government to stop directing revenue from games of chance to help socially vulnerable groups

The draft Law on Games of Chance, which is being considered by Serbian MPs, if adopted, will stipulate that the government is no longer obligated to allocate 40% of the revenue from games of chance to the organizations involved in the rehabilitation of disabled and vulnerable groups.

According to the current law, 40% of the revenue generated by the games of chance “is used to fund the Red Cross, organizations of people with disabilities and other associations aimed at improving the socio-economic and social position of people with disabilities, social welfare institutions, sport and youth organizations, local governments and the treatment of rare diseases”.

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Article 18 of the Law also specifies that 5% of this money goes towards the treatment of rare diseases, while 19% is allocated to the Red Cross, the promotion of the position of people with disabilities and in need of social assistance, local self-governments and sport and youth organizations.

However, according to the new law, the state will no longer make any allocations to these groups and organizations and will keep all the revenue from games of chance for itself.

According to the government, the adoption of the new legislation will create the necessary conditions for better regulation of the gaming market than at present. At the same time, the government says that it will contribute to the optimization of administrative procedures and the reduction of costs for organizers and administrators of the games of chance, thus increasing efficiency and reducing the shadow economy in order to protect state interests and increase state budget revenues.

(, 18.02.2020)



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