Government to sign a contract with Power China on construction of Belgrade subway

The first line of the Belgrade subway should become operational in five years, according to Belgrade government officials and the first subway station will be located in Trgovačka Street.

The backfilling of the terrain on the Makiško Polje is coming to an end while the digging machines, the so-called “moles”, will be located in two places – Bele Vode and Pančevački Bridge.

Traffic lanes near the Belgrade Fair, Banovo Brdo, Ada Ciganlija and Mostarska Petlja will be partially closed.

There will be no traffic disruptions at the Sava Square, Republic Square and Bajloni market due to the subway construction works. There will be a subway station and a three-level garage just below the Bajloni outdoor market The plan is also to extend the tourist zone in Skadarlija which will have a new look, as well as to demolish the Staklenac shopping centre. After the relocation of the Belgrade Fair, a subway station will be built there.

According to the city officials, the plan is to sign a relevant contract with the Chinese construction company, Power China, in August this year, which will be engaged in the construction of the Belgrade subway depot.

To remind, the Serbian authorities, the City of Belgrade and the Chinese company Power China Construction Corporation signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2019 in regard to the construction of the Belgrade subway.

(eKapija, 03.08.2023)

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