Government to introduce pay grades by 2020

Serbian Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, Branko Ruzic announced yesterday that new pay grades would be introduced in 2020 and that fresh talks on the subject would be held with trade union representatives.

“We expect the new pay grades to be introduced next year, and we will use this year for a new round of talks with trade unions, which have been invited discuss with the government and the line ministers the fine tuning that is required to implement a new pay grade system,” Ruzic told reporters.

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“We came close to implementing the pay grade system as early as January 1 this year as a new way of objectively evaluating the work of civil servants,” he said.

What remains to be done is to carry out additional financial analyses on how would pay grades would impact the state budget, Ruzic added.

(Blic, 10.07.2019)

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