Government to consider a new aid package for businesses that are most at risk

Finance Minister Siniša Mali said that in the coming days, together with Prime Minister Ana Brnabić, he will talk to representatives of the most at-risk and most affected economic sectors, in order to determine additional help.

Regarding the protest of restaurateurs due to the new measures introduced by the government’s Crisis Unit, which include the closure of premises until Monday, Mali said that the health of citizens is the most important thing, but that the state is always ready to help.

Commenting on the current five-day total closure, he underlined that no price is too high when it comes to saving lives and said it was important for the state to prove itself as a partner to the economy. He added that last year, the government approved two aid packages, thus avoiding the worst-case scenarios, such as mass layoffs and factory closures.

Mali also said that the third aid package is being implemented, which stipulates that each employee in micro-companies, SMEs and large enterprises would receive half of the national minimum wage for three months which is 1.5 million employees in total.

Speaking about the law on determining the origin of property, which came into force on March 12, Mali said the Tax Administration is largely collecting data regarding property and income.

“Information is being collected, starting with the National Bank of Serbia for foreign currency accounts, then the Anti-Money Laundering Administration and the Anti-Corruption Agency, and when everything is ready, data analysis will begin,” the Minister said.

(N1, 17.03.2021)

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