Government rules out layoffs for Fiat workers

“The Serbian government has made assurances that no worker will be laid off from Fiat. The government also assured us that they have a social programme, another job for the workers or a place in the production of a new Fiat electric car,” Fiat workers’ representative Djordje Milojevic said yesterday, after the meeting with the Serbian government representatives.

After the negotiations, Milojevic told reporters that there will be no new protests until the social programme is agreed on. “We will stop the protests and see what the social programme is like. If we are not satisfied (with it), we will demand changes made to it. If changes are not made, we will go to the streets again,” he said.

As reported by the Kragujevac Municipal Administration, after the meeting attended by the negotiating team made of Fiat Chrysler’s workers, Kragujevac Mayor Nikola Dasic and the Serbian government, it was decided that there will be no layoffs before the social programme is presented.

According to him, Kragujevac is the second largest town in Serbia in terms of employment, as evidenced by the data collated by the National Employment Service.

“Stellantis/Fiat is not closing and will not lay off workers. That is simply not true, nor is it possible by law. It is not in the employer’s best interest to do so, bearing in mind how much it costs to train an employee in the automotive industry,” the Kragujevac mayor said, adding that the new electric model “guarantees a future for the factory”.

(Danas, 16.05.2022)


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