Government reshuffle: Two women ministers should fear for their positions

The government reshuffle has not been carried out due to the recent events in Kosovo, but will happen at the end of June – the Blic daily has learned from a government source.

The government reshuffle has become a popular topic again following a conflict between the Serbian PM, Ana Brnabic and minister Nenad Popovic apropos his tweet in which he invited authorities to stop the distribution of a Croatian children’s book about the same sex marriages. Ministers Jadranka Joksimovic and Zorana Mihajlovic sided with Popovic on this matter.

The Blic source reveals due to this conflict, the ministerial posts of the two women ministers are somewhat in jeopardy now. Prime Minister, Ana Brnabic will meet with President Aleksandar Vucic soon to discuss the government reshuffle.

“All ministers have the right to express their own opinions, and no-one is denying that. However, it is important that the Government has a united stance, and we should not use certain topics for personal promotion, and at the expense of the stability in the government.  It was precisely this that the Prime Minister was referring to when she recently spoke about the vanity of certain ministers. Brnabic and Vucic will discuss the reshuffle in detail, with the possibility of the Ministry, which Zorana Mihajlovic currently helms, being divided into two segments”, the source says.

In that case, the Belgrade City Manager, Goran Vesic could be appointed new infrastructure minister.

“Minister of Sports, Vanja Udovicic is also highly likely to go because of the financial fraud in connection with the Student Games. This affair has become taken on an international character, and it would be difficult for someone involved in such a scandal to remain in the government. The Belgrade City Secretary and the former water polo player, Slavko Gak could be the contenders for Udovicic’s position”, the source explains.

It is almost certain that the Finance Minister, Dusan Vujovic will leave his position.

“Sinisa Mali (the current Belgrade mayor) is already poised to take Vujovic’s position. It is a well-known fact that Vucic believes that Mali is a big financial expert, and that he is happy with the way Mali has managed the Belgrade budget. Culture Minister, Vladan Vukosavljevic, and Environment Minister, Goran Trivan could also go. Vukosavljevic is being criticized for promising funding for various culture projects, but then failing to keep up the promise, while the main complaint about Trivan is that he did not live up to his ministerial position, and could not rise to the occasion from his previous position of a city secretary. It is clear to everyone that he likes his job a lot, but he was expected to do much more than just identifying the locations with harmful waste in Serbia”, the source adds.

The Belgrade City Assembly will be constituted on 9th May, and by 9th June, Belgrade should have a new mayor.

“For the time being, the president of the municipality of Savski Venac, Irena Vujovic, the Belgrade City Manager, Goran Vesic and the director of the Children Hospital in Tirsova Street, Zoran Radojicic are considered the main candidates for the position”, the Blic’s source adds.

(Blic, 07.05.2018)



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