Government reshuffle more likely than new election

After President Vučić said that the government cabinet functions like a badly-oiled machine, political analysts say that despite Vucic’s claims, a few government ministers could be losing their seats soon.

Vučić also said that the government reshuffle is a possibility and snap elections are an option, but analysts say that the first option is more likely to happen and that several government ministers will be replaced.

“I told Ana Brnabić that I blame the Government for functioning like a badly-oiled machine despite the fact that it has so many good ministers. Some are in favour of sanctions against Russia, others have a different opinion on this issue. We’ll see if we’re going to reshuffle the government and then hold elections, or go to the elections right away,” said Vučić.

Vladimir Pejić, program director at the Faktor Plus public opinion research agency, says it is more practical to carry out the reshuffle.

“It seems to me that there will be a government reshuffle rather than an election, and that is the most realistic and most practical option. But I also believe that the reshuffle will be short-lived and that it will last until the spring, when I expect all elections, except the presidential one, to take place. Belgrade election is still under question but there is no doubt about parliamentary and local elections,” said Pejić.

He also believes that at least 30% of government ministers will be removed from their positions.

According to the latest survey conducted by Faktor Plus, SNS has by far the biggest voter support (46 percent of voters), followed by SPS with 10.8 percent and SSP with 7.1 percent.

(Kurir, 10.05.2023)

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