Government reduces subsidies for farmers

The Serbian government has reduced the amount of the so-called basic incentive for agricultural production from 5,200 dinars to 4,000 per hectare, thus reducing subsidies from 9.7 billion to 7.5 billion dinars.

Until now, the basic incentive in crop production was 4,000 dinars and 1,200 for diesel fuel for up to 20 hectares of land, which means that farmers got a total of 5,200 dinars per hectare.

Only 22.5 billion dinars will be available for direct disbursements to farmers in 2021, instead of the previous 24.7 billion.

By amending the decree on the distribution of incentives for agriculture and rural development in 2021, about 300 million dinars less will be allocated for rural development measures than last year, for a total of 1.4 billion dinars.

In order to get those incentives, farmers need to apply with the Ministry of Finance and Economy, i.e. the Treasury Administration, every year in the period from March 1 to April 30.

A website that specializes in reporting about agriculture, Agroklub, states that according to the report of the Agricultural Inspectorate, due to constant irregularities with beneficiaries of incentive funds, the Directorate for Agricultural Payments should suspend the payment of approximately 383.5 million dinars based on the issued reports.

(Kamatica, 24.02.2021)

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