Government proposes that 8th January should be a non-working day

The Serbian Government said that, at its meeting held Thursday, it adopted a conclusion, “at the initiative of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic,” recommending that employers in Serbia give their employees a day off work on the second day of Orthodox Christmas – January 8th.

The Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC), which the vast majority of Serbia’s population follows, celebrates Christmas based on the Julian calendar on January 7.

Employers are recommended to provide employees working on January 8, 2024, with the rights they are entitled to when working on a holiday which is a non-working day, said the Serbian Government.

In order for this conclusion to be binding, the Law on State and Other Holidays in the Republic of Serbia would need to be amended, as under this law, only the first day of Orthodox Christmas (January 7) is a religious holiday and a non-working day.

The second day of Orthodox Christmas is, therefore, not a holiday or a non-working day and in order for it to become one, changes would need to be made to the Law on State and Other Holidays in the Republic of Serbia, which cannot be done by January 8 because a new Serbian Parliament has not been constituted,

(, 04.01.2024)

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