Government plans to subsidize the installation of LPG devices in cars

The Minister of Environmental Protection, Goran Trivan, said that the Ministry he helms is considering subsidizing the installation of LPG (liquid petroleum gas) devices in new and used cars in order to reduce exhaust gas pollution. He also said that a subsidy for the purchase of bicycles will also be considered.

“A state incentive for the installation of LPG devices in cars, to which about one million euros could be allocated, would allow the reduction of exhaust gases,” said the Minister, adding that the state could also decide to subsidize the purchase of bicycles.

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Trivan recalled that the government decided to provide subsidies for the purchase of hybrid and electric vehicles early this year, with the initial budget of about one million euro. Since the beginning of the year, about 700 electric and hybrid cars have been registered in Serbia and there are currently more than 170 applications for approval of subsidies for the purchase of these vehicles.

According to Trivan, it is particularly important that in Belgrade, which had serious problems with air pollution during the previous winter, the number of cycling lanes and electric buses increases.

(Nova, 23.09.2020)

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