Government opens a hotline for reporting undocumented labour

As a part of the project “Say NO to undocumented labour”, implemented by the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veterans’ Affairs and Social Issues, which is financially supported by the Norwegian Embassy, the government has set up a free phone line for reporting undocumented work.

By calling 0800 300 307 people can report the cases of undocumented labour anonymously, i.e. if they or somebody they know is working without a job contract or if they notice any other illegalities in their companies in terms of worker’s rights.

“Everybody suffers from the consequences of undocumented labour – the state, the employers who adhere to relevant laws and especially workers how are denied their social benefits. Therefore, I would like to encourage all citizens to report if they have not signed a job contract or they are not registered by their employer for social security. It is employers who are going to be sanctioned if they are denying basic labour rights to their workers, not the employees who are undocumented. The ministry I helm is determined to protect the workers’ rights and create a healthy environment for employers, with the goal of Serbia being a well-regulated countries, standing shoulder to shoulder with the EU countries”, says Labour Minister, Zoran Djordjevic.

The project envisages several other activities for combating undocumented labour including a tougher labour inspection and educational workshops all over Serbia.

(Blic, 10.03.2018)

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