Government of limited duration; Dačić new parliament speaker

The President of Serbia and the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), Aleksandar Vučić, said today that the new government of Serbia will last for a limited time and that the next parliamentary elections will be held no later than April 3, 2022, together with the presidential elections.

“We asked ourselves the question (at the SNS Presidency session) if we want to take everything into our own hands and what are the objectives. Today, we have defined six fundamental objectives, ” Vučić said in the press conference.

Vučić said that five main goals for the new government have been agreed, and the first is the fight for the citizens’ health, namely the fight against the coronavirus epidemic, which means building hospitals, increasing their capacities and constructing new clinical centres.

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The second goal is the fight for Serbia’s interests in Kosovo and the readiness for compromise talks and solutions.

The third objective is to fight against, as Vučić said, “those people who have used Serbia’s economic progress to create new networks and establish their own systems to kill and rob people”.

The fourth goal is to preserve Serbia’s independence, military neutrality and independent decision-making, and the fifth goal is accelerated reforms, especially in the area of the rule of law and European integration.

Vučić: “Several doubts about the new government, ministers to be announced on October 25”

Vučić also said he had several doubts about the composition of the new Serbian government and announced that the new government ministers will be announced on Sunday 25 October, after the session of the SNS presidency.

Vučić also announced that Ivica Dačić, the former Foreign Minister and president of the Serbian Socialist Party (SPS), will be the new speaker of the Serbian Parliament.

“The new speaker of the parliament has his work cut out for him.  All parliamentary caucuses will be formed no later than Thursday, and they will have to work hard. I believe that we are going to pass many important laws in this parliament convocation,” said Vučić.

Ivica Dačić said that the most important role for any politicians is to be the head of the highest representative body and the holder of constitutional and legislative power in the Republic of Serbia.

Dačić thanked Vučić for the nomination and said that only “a united Serbia can respond to the challenges that await us in the next period”.

Speaking of the cooperation with the SPS, Vučić said that the SNS continues to collaborate with the SPS in the new government, in a slightly modified format.

(, Blic, 20.10.2020)

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