Government measure explains how officials should behave during the election campaign

The Serbian government has reached a resolution on the basis of the recommendations of the Working Group on Cooperation with the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), which further improves the electoral process in Serbia.

The government resolution states that an official may not use public meetings to promote political parties, i.e. political entities, and particularly underlines that an official should not use meetings in which he or she participates for the public presentation of election participants and election programmes, urging voters to vote or not to vote for certain candidates.

In addition, as indicated in the Serbian government resolution, an official may not use public resources for the promotion of political parties, or political entities, or use premises, vehicles or inventories of state bodies, provincial and local institutions, public enterprises and public institutions for the same purpose. Exceptionally, public resources may be used in election campaigns to protect personal safety, if such use is regulated.

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Furthermore, for the purposes of the proper implementation of such measures, the government underlines that the duty of a public official is to always communicate unequivocally to the interlocutors and to the public whether he/she affirms the position of the body in which he/she performs this function or whether he/she is acting on behalf of a political party or political entity.

The Government further points out that a breach of section 29 of the Anti-Corruption Agency Act gives rise to serious liability and that, at the same time, failure on the part of civil servants to comply with this article also constitutes a serious breach of their duties.

(Nedeljnik, 24.09.2019)


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