Government: Companies will no longer have to use stamps

The Serbian government adopted at today’s session the amendments to the Company Law, which abolishes the obligatory use of company seals / stamps in business.

The amendments stipulate that the use of stamps / seals in business letters and other documents cannot be imposed on any company.

The implementation of the law means that legally registered entities are no longer obligated to use stamps, as well as that 12 other laws will cease to be valid – the Government said in a statement.

This government decision eliminates yet another unnecessary administrative burden for legal entities, which will significantly contribute to the improvement of the business environment, Serbia’s ranking on the World Bank’s Doing Business List, and also the general image of Serbia in the world.

The Government says that a new era of business operations in Serbia will commence, which will enable legal entities to gradually to switch to electronic commerce using electronic documents and signatures, electronic data exchange, and electronically archived documents, as previously enacted by the Law on E-business and the accompanying bylaws.

The mandatory use of company seals / stamps has led to excessive administration, it was time-consuming, did not alleviate business operations and imposed an additional financial burden – the government’s statement said.

(Danas, 24.05.2018)


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