Government claims farmers’ demands have been met, farmers deny it

The protesting farmers responded to the proposal sent by the Government of Serbia and underlined their request for the government to allow them to buy fuel exempt from excise duty and VAT and state subsidies in the amount of 300 euros per hectare of arable land, after which they are open to negotiations.

Their list of demands contains a total of 13 points, also including subsidized loans, milk premium of 19 dinars per litre, higher buyout price of cereals and 340 euros of state incentives per cow.

Farmer Vojislav Malbaski told N1 that excise-free diesel must be available at all petrol stations.

Previously, the Government proposed the formation of a Working Group for „coordinating activities to improve commodity and market operations with agricultural products“, while today the line Ministry claimed that all of the farmers’ demands have been met.

Farmers responded with a letter stating that such a solution is a „pure waste of time“.

They also said that if the government passes an act that provides relief for farmers to fill fuel at all gas stations without excise duty and VAT, they are ready to welcome government representatives to a meeting at the Farmers’ Club in Kisac on Monday.

Farmers are continuing their protests by blocking the road in Centa. The blockade lasted for one hour, after which they will allow drivers to resume traffic for 30 minutes, after which they will make another one-hour blockade and continue doing so indefinitely. Farmers have also blocked roads in the vicinity of the Novi Sad oil refinery.

(N1, 19.11.2023)

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