Government caps prices of certain groceries

The Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications has adopted the Decree on Capping the Prices of Basic Foodstuffs and the Decree on Amending the Decree on Capping the Price of Petroleum Derivatives and extended their validity until July 31. A temporary ban on the export of Eurodiesel EN 590 was also introduced.

The Serbian government adopted the Decree to protect the market and prevent disruptions in commodity prices, which are extremely important for the supply of consumers, especially for the poorest social groups.

This regulation limits the prices, both at the production and wholesale level, of flour type T-400 and type T-500 in packages of up to five kilogrammes (including the five kilogramme packaging), edible sunflower oil in one-litre bottles and pork. The prices of these groceries should not exceed the prices from November 15, 2021.

The government has also prescribed the maximum retail price of UHT milk with 2.8 percent milk fat in a one-litre package, as well as the maximum retail and producer prices of white sugar per one kilogramme.

The regulation was adopted believing that the prices of raw materials and inputs are still high and that the situation in the commodity markets in Serbia and the neighbouring countries is not yet sufficiently predictable.

The government also amended and supplemented the Decree on the temporary restriction on the export of essential agricultural and food staples, which determines the quantity of sunflower oil that can be exported on a monthly basis.

(N1, 30.06.2022)



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