Government and trade unions to resume talks about minimum wage in 2021 on Friday

Negotiations on the minimum wage in 2021, which by law should be completed by September 15, will begin on Friday, the Union of Employers of Serbia (UES) told Tanjug news agency.

Honorary president of UES, Nebojsa Atanackovic, says that it would be best to temporarily “freeze” the minimum wage since a new government has not been formed yet or to postpone the decision on increasing the minimum wage until the end of the year, in order to see how much economy will grow this year.

Atanackovic also said in a statement that a meeting of representatives of UPS, the Federation of Independent Trade Unions, UGS Nezavisnost trade union and the Ministry of Labour would be held on Friday, and that they would discuss the date of the meeting of the members of the Socio-Economic Council and the minimum wage in 2021.

He notes that the trade unions have demanded that the minimum wage should equal at least the minimum consumer basket, which would be an increase of 20% or 7,000 dinars, while employers are advocating, just like every year, that the increase should be realistic, that is, according to the current situation in the economy.

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“It is difficult to say anything now about the increase in the minimum wage, but it would be realistic for that increase to be as much as the country’s GDP growth this year,” Atanackovic adds.

He reminds that a total of 350,000 people are on the minimum wage and that if the trade unions and employers do not agree by September 15, the government will be the one to make a final decision.

“Since there is no government yet, it is best to postpone the decision until the end of the year, and then the picture will be even clearer,” he advises.

Atanackovic adds that the government should accept realistic proposals for the increase, and if that is not the case, compensate employers by reducing taxes in other ways as well.

Last year, the government increased the minimum wage from 27,000 dinars to about 30,000 dinars.

(eKapija, 19.08.2020)


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