Government allocates more money for the My First Salary programme

At today’s meeting, the Government of Serbia adopted the amended Regulation on the youth employment promotion programme called “My First Salary” (“Moja Prva Plata”), which increased the monetary benefits for unemployed young people who will be included in this programme under the new Public Call.

For young high school graduates, the amount has been increased from 22,000 to 25,000 dinars per month, and for young university graduates from 26,000 dinars to 30,000 dinars per month.

A new Public Call will be launched by the National Employment Service (NSZ) on Monday, August 22, 2022, and relevant information will be available on the websites:  and .

So far, two cycles of the Programme have finished, involving around 18,000 young people. The Programme’s goal is to train 10,000 young people with high school and university education, up to the age of 30, who have no work experience and who are registered with the NSZ, for independent work.

The Programme is implemented by both private and public companies, with employers from private companies and especially companies operating in economically devastated areas have priority.

(, 18.08.2022)


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