Government adopts Industrial Policy Strategy 2021-2030

The Government of Serbia adopted yesterday the Industrial Policy Strategy of the Republic of Serbia covering the period from 2021 to 2030.

The strategy contains comprehensive reforms in the field of industrial development aimed at boosting the competitiveness of the national industry to make a significant contribution to the sustainable economic growth, as measured by the GDP growth, and ensure a better quality of life for citizens, the government announced yesterday.

The note states that the implementation of the strategy “will increase the technological level of the sector and its transformation in the direction of digitization and automation, will increase the contribution of research and innovation solutions, as well as the overall volume of investments in the sector, ensuring a balance in the structure and quality of investments”.

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At the same session, the government also adopted the Strategy for the advancement of the position of people with disabilities for the period 2020-2024. The implementation of the strategy’s measures will improve the overall position of people with disabilities and their equal participation in society by removing obstacles in all areas that contribute to achieving inclusive equality.

Furthermore, the government approved the decree on the use of the budget funds for financing activities and measures for the improvement and development of the electronic communications and information society sector in 2020.

The decree stipulates the construction of broadband communication infrastructure in the so-called “white areas” in order for at least 600 schools, i.e. public institutions, local communities and other state and local government structures and about 90,000 households, to have the Internet connection.

The decree on establishing the Programme for the Promotion and Dissemination of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for 2020 was adopted. The aim is to inform the public, as well as universities, academia, scientific research and the business community, and in particular young people, about the systematic measures of the Serbian government whose objective is the development of technological and social innovations, innovative ecosystems, entrepreneurship and infrastructure.

The state has allocated 70 million dinars towards encouraging citizens to think entrepreneurially and motivating them to establish their own technology start-ups to a greater extent.

The Government of Serbia has provided a total of 100 million dinars for the systematic improvement of innovative entrepreneurship among women at the national and local level through the programme for the support the development and promotion of women’s innovative entrepreneurship in 2020.

(, Beta, 05.03.2020)




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