Government adopts decree on limiting gas price

The Serbian government approved a decree yesterday stipulating the formation of working groups that will monitor the situation on the Serbian economic and financial market, and ensure a continuous supply of food and energy.

Due to the global disturbance in the natural gas market and the sharp jump in the price of this energy source throughout Europe, and in order to ensure the security of supply of the Serbian market and protect the economy and citizens who use this energy source, the government adopted a decree which stipulates equalizing the price of natural gas procured from imports or produced in the Republic of Serbia in the event of disturbances in the natural gas market.

The regulation aims to eliminate the consequences of the increase in the price of natural gas as a way to mitigate the consequences of the energy crisis in order to ensure a normal supply of all consumers with this energy source, it is said on the government’s website.

The government will compensate energy companies that supply gas for the difference in the price of natural gas purchased abroad and its wholesale price, i.e. the price that is charged to suppliers and end-users, as well as the difference in the price of imported gas and the one produced in Serbia.

(Blic, 03.03.2022)

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