Government adopts decree on electric vehicle subsidies

The Serbian Government adopted on Thursday a Regulation on the conditions and method of implementing the subsidized purchase of new vehicles with solely electric drive mechanisms, which is a measure aimed at improving air quality, it was said in a press release.

Individuals and legal entities, as well as small business owners, have the right to subsidise the purchase of electric cars for which 170 million dinars have been allocated. Subsidy applications must be submitted to the Ministry of Environmental Protection by 31 October, 2024, said the Serbian Government.

Subsidies for the purchase of an electric moped or a light tricycle amount to 250 euros, of electric motorcycle, a motorcycle with a side seat, a heavy tricycle, a light and heavy quads amount to 500 euros, while the highest amount is provided for electric passenger vehicles with a maximum of nine seats and electric cargo vehicles with a maximum permissible mass of up to 3.5 tons and it stands at 5,000 euros.

“If it turns out that the interest for subsidies substantially exceeds the allocated amount, we will do our best to provide additional funds for subsidies for the purchase of new electric vehicles,” Environmental Protection Minister, Irena Vujović, said.

(, 01.02.2024)



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