E-governance as the pillar of the public administration reform

Next year, e-governance will become one of the pillars of the Serbian government in reforming and modernizing state administration.

In the year that has been declared the year of fighting against shadow economy, e-governance has proven to be significant support. Hence, its development is one of the priorities of the Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-Government, the E-Governance Directorate and the Serbian government.

This is the main message from the “E-Governance – Serbia without Queues and Counters” which took place yesterday with the purpose of establishing connection and exchanging experiences between the most relevant representatives of the state, economic, media and civil sector and of further improving the e-governance in Serbia.

“Next year, we are going to establish a network between six state institutions which would result in the state administration using almost seven million pieces of paper less which, up until now, the citizens had to queue for in front of counters”, said Zeljko Ozegovic, the state secretary in the Ministry  of State Administration and Local Self-Government. “This will also mean a proper implementation of the Law on Administrative Procedure, and will be a foundation for cutting red tape and unnecessary expenses which, in turn, will save both the citizens and businesses a lot of time”, Ozegovic added.

Director of the E-Governance Directorate, Dusan Stojanovic underlined that the Directorate would also create a platform for M-governance which will make e-governance service available on mobile phones too.

“By doing this, we are going to have a better communication between the state authorities, citizens and businesses. We are also going to work on the state making its information publicly available. A large national web portal, that will contain all the information in one place, will be launched soon”, Stojanovic added.

(Vecernje Novosti, 21.12.2016)


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