Gori: I understand why Serbs are frustrated with duration of EU accession process

The Ambassador of Italy to Serbia, Luka Gori, said that his country “remains one of the European Union (EU) members that deeply believe in the importance of accelerating the process of enlargement to include the Western Balkans”.

“If it is true that the Balkans and Serbia need the EU, the opposite is also true – their strategic interests coincide. There are no insurmountable obstacles on Serbia’s path to Brussels,” Gori said in an interview for today’s Blic.

He also stated that “the biggest risk he sees is fatalism, i.e. reconciliation with the status quo”.

“Italy understands why the Serbs are frustrated with the length of the process. Nevertheless, the realization of the European perspective remains a realistic goal for Belgrade. The EU and its member states are the main economic partner of the region. Europe is the historical and cultural destiny of Serbia,” said Gori.

(Beta, 11.14.2022)


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