Gorenje’s factory in Valjevo re-starts production

 After a three-week-long stoppage, Gorenje’s production facility in Valjevo re-started production yesterday.

The company claims that all workers are strictly complying with all preventive and safety measures to prevent the coronavirus contagion.

Gorenje’s parent company, Hisense Gorenje Europe says that production will also resume in other European factories this week and that the signs from the European market are encouraging when it comes to demand for refrigeration units that the company produces.

The company also confirmed that two employees from the Valjevo plant were infected with the COVID-19 virus.

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“The colleagues, who were infected in their families during the three-week work break, are in good health. They were transferred to the makeshift hospital at the Belgrade Fair together with other patients with milder symptoms,” the company said in a note.

It is also added that, although their employees were infected outside the workplace, 14 employees who had been in contact with infected colleagues before the production stoppage were instructed to self-isolate for 28 days, in accordance with the prescribed measures.

Gorenje adds that an additional precautionary measure has been introduced in Valjevo, i.e. employees who have family members working in healthcare facilities, namely, those family members who, by the nature of their work are more exposed to the COVID-19 virus, are not allowed to return to work.

These employees will work from home or they will be on paid leave until the end of the state of emergency and will receive 70% of their salary, the company adds.

(RTV, 13.04.2020)



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