Gordan Grlic Radman: ‘In order to be admitted to the EU, Serbia must recognise that genocide was committed in Srebrenica’

Croatian Foreign Minister, Gordan Grlić Radman,  said in Luxembourg that Serbia must meet another condition for accession to the EU, that is admitting that the Srebrenica massacre was genocide.

Grlić Radman said on Tuesday that Serbia, on its path to the EU, must show substantial and sustainable progress in key areas and show willingness to meet all necessary criteria.

“Serbia is obliged to provide clear answers and show substantial and sustainable progress in key areas,” he said, adding that the country should show the political will to meet all criteria and reforms, as well as commit to European integration.

“In this sense, we look at the rule of law, the issue of missing persons, the rights of war victims, prosecution of war crimes, cooperation with the International Criminal Court, recognition of the Srebrenica genocide, strengthening of good neighbourly relations with the EU and with members outside the EU,” Radman said, according to the Croatian website Index.hr.

On Tuesday, two intergovernmental conferences on EU accession were held with Serbia and Montenegro meeting on the margins of the EU General Affairs Council meeting in Luxembourg. No agreement on opening or closing new negotiation chapters was reached. These political intergovernmental conferences on accession are a new thing, held under the auspices of the new methodology of the EU enlargement negotiations.

(Sputnik, 22.06.2021)


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