Goran Vesic:”Belgrade will get 230 new buses”

The City of Belgrade is planning procurement of 230 new buses, for a total of 45 million euro – the Belgrade Deputy Mayor, Goran Vesic announced.

According to him, the city government will provide 35 million euro, while the rest (10 million euro) will come from the city’s public transport company, GSP.

“The tendering procedure will start next week, immediately after the session of the City Assembly. Depending on the price we get at the tender, we expect to purchase between210 to 230 new buses that will be operational as of September 1st”, Vesic said and added that the delivery deadline will be 150 days.

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Vesic also said that the acquisition of new buses was an introduction to the restructuring of GSP and the changes in the bus fare system.

He pointed out that the city gives around 27 billion dinars annually for public transport, and that bus fare collection amounted to only 9 billion dinars.

“Public transport is not profitable anywhere in the world, but no one subsidizes public transport to that degree either. This will have to change,” Vesic underlined.

For example, a total of 75 nurseries or 75 schools or close to 400 buses could be purchased with the amount of 18 billion dinars that is allocated to GSP directly from the city budget.

“GSP and Sava Centre are the only public enterprises in Belgrade that are not profitable”, Vesic added.

(B92, 20.02.2019)



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