Gojkovic: “The Constitution does not allow elections to be held in the autumn”

The Speaker of the Serbian Parliament, Maja Gojkovic, says that the Constitution does not allow parliamentary elections to be held in Serbia in the autumn, as requested by the opposition.

“We cannot hold them in the autumn when the Constitution does not allow it. We should introduce another state of emergency or to extend the current one for another 90 days if we were to hold elections in the autumn,” Gojkovic told the Pink TV.

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She also said that the end of the state of emergency could not be envisaged and that that the government crisis unit has the final word the state of emergency would be lifted.

“When the crisis unit says we are safe, the Parliament will meet again and the state of emergency will be lifted. Subsequently, the State Electoral Commission will be able to resume its electoral activities. The deadlines are in accordance with the Constitution and the law and will be respected,” he said.

“Serbia is moving forward and we want to go to the polls as soon as the Constitution and the law allow it and see who really supports the citizens of Serbia,” Gojkovic said, adding that by inviting their supporters to hit pots and pans in protest against the authorities, Dragan Djilas and Bosko Obradovic want to belittle the applause that is meant for healthcare workers that people in Serbia give every night at 8 pm.

“They want to silence the magnificent applause in Serbia and around the world, supporting doctors and nurses. I want to thank all our health workers, who have been fighting the virus for over a month now,” Gojkovic added.

With regard to the criticism regarding the work of the Serbian Parliament being blocked, Gojkovic said that parliaments around the world have organized themselves in different ways, holding online meetings, which is impossible in Serbia because the Parliament’s Rule Book does not envisage it.

(RTV, 28.04.2020)


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