Gojkovic: “Serbia has signed contracts for purchase of 6.5 million vaccines, but they haven’t been delivered yet”

“We have signed contracts stipulating the purchase of 6.5 million vaccines, but they are still not delivered,” said Zoran Gojković, Vojvodina’s health secretary.

He said that “so far, 320,000 people have been vaccinated, which he says means that Serbia is second in Europe in terms of the number of vaccinated people per million inhabitants.”

“The pharmaceutical companies obviously made a mistake when they thought they would be able to produce so many vaccines, and these are all problems that we will now have to face,” Gojkovic added. According to him, “neither money nor power plays a role anymore,” but only resourcefulness and friendship.

Gojković called on citizens to continue to adhere to protective measures and wear masks, saying that it is important that “we vaccinate as soon as possible, in order to get out of the pandemic as soon as possible.”

“The state that will vaccinate sooner rather than later will have an advantage in terms of the faster recovery of the economy,” Gojković said, underlining that it is very important to strike a balance between epidemiological measures and the economy.

The costs of treating the coronavirus, as well as other costs, are very high. “Everything costs money. The funds invested in patient care are huge and the price for protective equipment is also huge,” concluded Gojković, who is also a member of the government’s Crisis Unit.

(Insajder, 27.01.2021)


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