Gojkovic: “In the coming days, the parliament will decide whether to lift the state of emergency”

Nenad Konstantinovic, a member of the Srbija 21 organization, said during yesterday’s parliamentary debate that there was no dilemma that the state of emergency was implemented in an unconstitutional manner, because the Parliament could have convened on March 15, just as it did yesterday.

He said that some of the opposition MPs decided to attend the Parliament session to see how they were going to work after the state of emergency was abolished, adding that the government has presented neither a written report nor a plan of measures for a possible second tide of the pandemic.

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Responding to these remarks, the Parliament Speaker, Maja Gojkovic said that MPs did not meet to introduce the state of emergency, but that they will meet in the coming days to abolish it.

She added that citizens should not worry about the future of the country because the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) will win the elections and that citizens trust its leader and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

Gojkovic then asked anyone who had any objections to how the parliamentary session was scheduled the parliamentary session “to show her in the Rule Book where it states how to schedule a session during the state of emergency and point to her the mistakes she made in scheduling a session”.

(Danas, 29.04.2020)


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