Gojkovic: Belgrade election on 4th March

Elections for the Belgrade City Assembly will be held on 4th March – Maja Gojkovic, Speaker of the Serbian Parliament, has announced.

Gojkovic also set the same date for the local election in the towns of Arandjelovac and Bor. The length of the election campaign will be stipulated in the Official Gazette. The Parliament’s Speaker called on all political parties to try to win over electorate with their programmes and ideas, rather by hatred, and invited Serbian voters to come out to polls in large numbers.

Gojkovic also said: “These elections are important for citizens because they are the ones deciding about the future of their family and friends. Vote for responsible, worthwhile and diligent people based on their plans and programmes. Study the candidates, their biographies and their results so far. Do not vote against, because nothing good comes out of voting against.”

Gojkovic invited all the election candidates “diligently lead the campaign, respect the political opponents, compete with ideas, not promote hate, and respect the electoral will of citizens that will be demonstrated on 4th March”.

The Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) announced its candidates today for Belgrade election. They mostly include non-partisan candidates like surgeons, artists, activists, cultural workers and university professors.

(Politika, 14.01.2018)


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