Goati: New opposition blocks are short-lived and artificially formed

The new opposition block, called “The Civil Bloc 381”, with Sasa Jankovic’s Free Citizens Movement (PSG) being one of the initiators, is “artificially formed and will be short-lived” – says sociologist and political expert, Vladimir Goati.

According to him, such coalitions usually disintegrate if they come to power.

Goati, who is the president of Transparency Serbia, told BETA news agency that he can draw parallels between the former DOS (The Democratic Opposition of Serbia), “The Citizens Block 381” and “Alliance for Serbia”.

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“In politics, you are always trying to remove existing government from power. DOS was formed for that very purpose and it was important for them to eliminate Slobodan Milosevic. Once this was done, the coalition did not last long and split into two branches,” Goati recalls.

Goati adds that although the two new opposition blocks (the Alliance for Serbia and the Civil Bloc 381) presented programmes in which they agreed on a wide range of issues, not just bringing down the current political regime, these are “artificially bridged differences”.

“These are artificially bridged differences that would become very pronounced if that coalition came to power and had to deal with serious issues such as taking a stance in regards to Serbia’s policy towards the EU, the issue of borders, the cooperation with countries in the region, including Albania, just like it was case with the DOS. These are short-term political affiliations,” he said.

Asked about the influence that opposition blocks have on the Serbian political scene, Goati said it was “a million dollar question” and that it was too early to reply to it.

Commenting on the possibility of cooperation between the “Alliance for Serbia” and “The Civil Bloc 381”, Goati said that it is certain that efforts will be made to establish cooperation. “But it will probably be a quasi-cooperation, that is not formed in the long run, since they are so heterogeneous that it’s hard to find a common language,” Goati said.

The Free Citizens Movement, the Green Ecological Party, the Hungarian Movement, the Sumadija Region and the Tolerance Coalition formed the “The Citizens Block 381” on Tuesday, led by PSG President Sasa Jankovic.

It was announced earlier that the founding Assembly of the Alliance for Serbia will be held in September. The Alliance comprises of the former Mayor of Belgrade, Dragan Djilas, People’s Party, The Serbian Left, the Dveri Movement, the Democratic Party, the Sloga Trade Union, and movements Healthy Serbia and Together for Serbia.

Speculations are rife that the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) could join the Alliance too.

(B92, 22.08.2018)



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