GMO, swine flu and milk as one of the main obstacles in Serbia’s accession to the EU

On June 10th, the National EU Convent has submitted a report on the harmonization in the segment of agriculture, rural development, food safety, veterinary and phytosanitary policy and fisheries – Chapters 11, 12 and 13 – to the Serbian Parliament.

According to Branislav Gulan, a member of the task force that is formed under the auspices of the Rural Development Network, very little has been done in 2019 to address the 63 recommendations given by the National Convent in 2018.

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“When it comes to Chapter 11 – Agriculture and Rural Development – the report states that Serbia is not sufficiently ready for the negotiations and that it has made no progress in food safety, veterinary and phytosanitary policy either, pertaining to Chapter 12,” Gulan points out.

Serbia is invited to prepare an all-encompassing strategy of transposition and implementation in these segments, as well as to essentially build the administrative capacities in this field and consistently implement and upgrade the methods of risk assessment in border inspections.

Gulan points out that, although the National Reference Laboratory had been opened, but it is not accredited for milk control.

Also, the report states that Serbia had to decide about the dynamics of eradicating swine fever. Furthermore, the EU requires the country to adopt a strategy of managing the waste of animal origin, and one of the serious complaints is that there is no progress when it comes to the harmonization of the Law on GMO with the EU Acquis, Gulan adds.

When it comes to Chapter 13, the estimate is that Serbia has made certain progress in the field of fisheries by adopting regulations on the certification of fish catch.

The report further says that Serbia needs to prepare an action plan which will secure full compatibility by the time it joins the EU, especially in terms of market organization, aquaculture, data collection and control measures.

(Agrosmart, 12.06.2019)

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