GLOBSEC: “41% of people in Serbia trust the COVID-19 vaccine”

41% of citizens in Serbia trust the vaccine against COVID-19, while 56% of them are sceptical.

This is the result of a public opinion poll conducted by GLOBSEC in nine countries of Central Europe and the Western Balkans, in which more than 1,000 respondents from each of the countries involved participated.

The survey’s main subject of research was the impact of the pandemic. It was pointed out that 38% of all respondents think that their respective governments are not revealing the real numbers of people infected by COVID-19 and 34% of all respondents think it is a made-up disease.

26% of all respondents think that the virus was created intentionally and 24% of them believe that the vaccine will be used for chip insertion and to control humans. 40% of people in Montenegro believe this, as do 38% in Serbia and 35% in North Macedonia, while in Hungary and Poland the percentages are 21 and 24, respectively.

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In a referendum on European Union (EU) membership, 52% of respondents in Serbia would vote to join, 63% in Montenegro and 78% in North Macedonia.

18% of respondents in Serbia believe that the EU is Serbia’s most important partner and 59% of them see Russia and China as the most important partners.

The survey results further show that 55% of the respondents in Serbia think that the EU is destructive to national identity and values, while 42% do not think so.

7% of respondents in Serbia perceive Russia as a threat, while 46% think that the United States of America (US) is a threat.

47% of the respondents in Serbia think that the West unjustifiably accuses Russia of illegal actions, and 44% of them think that Russia is an aggressor and wants to weaken the EU and NATO.

In Serbia, 30% of the respondents think that the US army is stronger and more technologically advanced than the Russian army, while 61% think that the Russian army is stronger and more technologically advanced than the US army.

13% of respondents in Serbia think that China is a threat to Serbia; 84% of them do not think so.

78% of respondents in Serbia think democracy is a good system, while 40% think it is good to have a strong leader.

Of the total number of respondents in all nine countries, 41% think liberal democracy is a threat to national values and identity, while 78% think democracy is based on equality and human rights.

Furthermore, 45% of survey respondents think that Western countries promote moral corruption and decadence hidden behind the mask of human rights.

In Serbia, 62% of respondents believe that being a member of the LGBT community is immoral and decadent, while 32% believe that the LGBT population should be guaranteed the same rights as everyone else.

(RTV, 10.12.2020)

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