Giaufret:”EU will not impose visas on Serbian citizens”

The head of the European Union (EU) Delegation in Serbia, Emanuele Giaufret, has confirmed that Serbian citizens “will certainly not need visas to enter the EU and that sanctions against Russia are not crucial, but have become an important condition for the opening of new clusters in the accession negotiations”.

“There will certainly be no visas for Serbia. In 2023, we will adopt an administrative mechanism for countries that do not need a visa to enter the EU,” he said as a guest on the Prav Ugao programme on the Radio and Television of Vojvodina.

He explained that Serbian citizens will have to fill out an online form before travelling to the EU, but that also applies to other countries such as the USA and Israel, and that it has nothing to do with introducing visas.

In addition, Giaufret said that Serbia imposing sanctions on Russia is not the only condition for opening an accession negotiations cluster, but that foreign policy has now become “more central” in the negotiations “because that is the current reality.”

He added that, although the Serbian government has assured the EU that Serbia is not neutral when it comes to the war in Ukraine, that is not enough and that sanctions are important in order to take concrete steps.

When asked if Serbia’s recognition of Kosovo’s independence is one of the conditions for Serbia joining the EU, Giaufret noted that “the normalization of relations between Belgrade and Pristina is the condition”, and that the European Union does not impose what the two sides will agree on.

“It is clear that all the agreements reached so far should be implemented. This includes the issue of the Association of Serbian Municipalities, which should be implemented without delay and we are advocating for it. We are working to ensure that everything is implemented,” he said, adding that diplomacy sometimes takes time, but “it is important to be persistent.”

The head of the EU Delegation further assessed that it is “obvious” that Serbia and the EU are getting closer, not further apart, but that the process has its ups and downs.

(Danas, 13.01.2023)


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