Germany’s MTU opens a factory in Nova Pazova – a 100-mln-euro investment

The German aero-engine overhaul company MTU Aero-Engines has come to Nova Pazova. The company has opened a factory and its total investment will amount to EUR 100 million.

In the first investment phase, just over 500 people will be employed, but up to 2,000 jobs for high-tech experts are planned.

“The wages will be up to three times higher than average and the working conditions will be like in all MTU group subsidiaries,” the company was quoted as saying three years ago, at the groundbreaking ceremony for the new facility.

In former Yugoslavia, there was an aeroplane engine production for Boeing the town of Trstenik, and a similar production plant in Pančevo, but then with the end of Yugoslavia, Serbia left the aviation segment.

A 37,000-square-metre-facility with a repair capacity of 400,000 hours per year was built on schedule. MTU’s core business is the repair and maintenance of aircraft and spacecraft. The company designs, develops, manufactures and supports commercial and military aircraft engines and is one of the top three providers of maintenance services for commercial aircraft engines and industrial gas turbines.

“For every airline, we work with in the entire MTU group, the parts of the aircraft that need to be repaired will be disassembled into small parts and shipped to Serbia. This is a valid and definite foundation for developing a business here,’ said the MTU director.

In the military sector, MTU Aero-Engines is the main industrial partner to almost all types of engines of the German armed forces. MTU plays a leading role in providing maintenance and service for the V2500 engine in the Airbus A320.

(RTS, 07.10.2022)



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