Germany’s Mamminger Konserven opens a vegetable processing plant in Gospodjinci

German company Mamminger Konserven – SRB has officially opened a vegetable processing company, worth EUR 4 million, which will employ around 250 workers, in the village of Gospodjinci, Vojvodina.

The company’s main activity is the processing of cucumbers, which it buys from more than 2,000 subcontractors in Serbia, with one-third of the quantity, around 15,000 tonnes, will be processed at the new factory in Gospodjinci.

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“This is an important investment, as it will contribute to the development of the food industry in our country,” the Head of the Vojvodinian government, Igor Mirovic, said and added that growth had been recorded in the food industry in Vojvodina in the first six months of 2019.

“Having such a factory in Serbia is an important thing. The Government of the Republic of Serbia has prepared the Law on Hiring Seasonal Workers in Agriculture, thereby enabling the employment of 22,500 workers,” said Agriculture Minister Branislav Nedimovic, at the opening

“It’s been just over a year since we had a groundbreaking ceremony, and now we can say that we have made a step towards the future, in which we will continue developing and expanding this factory with the support of the governments of Serbia and Germany,” said the director of Mamminger Konserven, Klaus Herpel.

The German ambassador to Serbia, Thomas Schieb, the director of Mamminger Konserven – SRB, Oliver Ugrinaj, and the president of the Municipality of Zabalj, Cedomir Bozic, also talked about the importance of this investment.

“This is one of 400 companies that have invested a total of two billion euro and created 60,000 jobs in Serbia. Polls show that German companies want to stay here because they trust Serbia and consider it a great place to invest,” the German ambassador concluded.

(RTV, 12.09.2019)




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