Germany’s IGB Automotive to open a 2-mln-EUR factory in Lazarevac

The German company IGB Automotive, which has a production plant in Vojvodina’s town of Indjija, has announced the opening of another factory, this time in Lazarevac.

The Lazarevac plant will produce components for the most renowned automotive brands and the company has acquired facilities for that purpose near Lake Ocaga.

The investment is worth at least EUR 2 million, and IGB plans to initially employ 150 workers in Lazarevac, with a tendency employing up to 500 people in the future.

The general manager of IGB, Dalibor Beric, said that he was very pleased to be able to announce that the company had decided to make a new investment by buying production facilities in Lazarevac.

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He reminds that the company produces heaters for car seats and stirring wheels, sensors for seats, electronic components and control devices for cars.

“Our clients include BMW, the Daimler Group, the entire Volkswagen Group – Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Porsche, the Renault Group, and certain Japanese car manufacturers,” Beric added.

He went on to say that the production would be the same in Lazarevac as it is in Indjija and that all world standards of the automotive industry, required by the parent company IGB from Germany, will be complied with.

He says that the German company also has production facilities and development centres in the Czech Republic, Germany, Canada, the USA, Mexico, China and Vietnam.

(eKapija, 21.11.2020)




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