Germany’s Haix Group is the new secret investor in Vranje?

A few days ago, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic gave a promise that a new German investor would arrive in Vranje and employ 1,000 workers.

The announcement of the arrival of the mysterious investor comes at a time when employees of the Turkish company, Teklas, based in Vladicin Han, which was supposed to employ former Geox workers, claimed that they did not have enough to do at the factory and that no new employees were needed.

The secret company is speculated to be the Haix Group, which specialises in the production of footwear for firefighters, police, the army and others.

In early August last year, some 1,000 Geox workers lost their jobs, followed by the government’s promises that Teklas would hire 650 former Geox workers by March this year. According to the latest information from Teklas employees, this company currently employs around 1,200 people, of whom only around 300 come from Vranje, where Geox’s factory used to be based.

The average salary of the former Geox employees who managed to find employment at Teklas is about 50,000 dinars. Despite the fact that no solution has yet been found for the other 800 dismissed workers, the Serbian President gave a new promise that a German company, much more reliable than Geox, will open a production plant in Vranje just before the elections and employ a significant number of people, probably around 1,000. The President did not reveal which company that was.

“It is too early to release more information. More details will be given in a week. This company will not hire 1,000 workers right away. At first, it will be only 40 and possibly another 100 by the year-end. As far as I know, they wanted to open a factory somewhere in Vojvodina because of better conditions and logistics, but it seems that it is easier to do business if they are based in Vranje,” the President added.

(Nova, 13.01.2022)



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