Germany’s Gruner opens fourth production plant in Serbia

The German company Gruner has officially opened its fourth production plant in Serbia, this time in Vlasotince (central Serbia), where relays for renowned automotive brands will be produced and which will employ 220 workers.

The inauguration was attended by Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić and German Ambassador to Serbia Anke Konrad.

Gruner, one of the largest manufacturers of energy relays for current metres and the automotive industry, already had a 7,000-square-metre production plant in Vlasotince, which has now been expanded by another 4,500 square metres. The company has been producing 100,000 relays per month for the past four years, and the opening of the new plant, as noted, marks its 15th year of operations in the town.

Gruner’s director Martin Spreitzer said that the company has invested EUR 23.7 million in Serbia so far and that the company currently employs 745 people.

He also said that the new investment was supported by the Serbian government with EUR 2.2 million in direct subsidies, most of which were used for the construction of the production plant and the purchase of equipment and machinery.

(, 26.10.2022)


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